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To explore the charm and excitement of future technology, Tesla coil toys bring you a wonderful experience of the electromagnetic world. Our Tesla coil toys combine science and entertainment, allowing you and your child to enjoy exploring electromagnetic phenomena together.

tesla coil toy

Our tesla coil toy is uniquely designed to create amazing arcs and light effects through electromagnetic induction and high-frequency discharge. Touching the Tesla coil, you will personally feel the burst of electromagnetic energy, as if you are in the wonderful world of a science laboratory.
Not only is this tesla coil toy perfect for kids’ curiosity and desire to explore, but it’s also ideal for adult science enthusiasts. By interacting with Tesla coils, you’ll gain insight into scientific concepts such as electromagnetic phenomena, arcing, and the principles of resonance.
Our toys are not only fascinating but also educational. It stimulates creativity and experimentation and develops scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. Through their exploration and experiments, children can learn the basic principles of electromagnetic phenomena and deepen their understanding of science.

tesla coil toy

Our tesla coil toys are manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure safety and reliability. It is easy to operate and suitable for home and school teaching environments. Whether as a gift or as an educational tool, Tesla coil toys can bring you a dual experience of fun and learning.
Start your electromagnetic journey, embrace the charm of future technology, and choose Tesla coil toys. Let’s explore the wonders of electromagnetism and have fun with scientific discoveries!

tesla coil toy

Our tesla coil toy is not only a fascinating science toy but also stimulates children’s curiosity and creativity. By interacting with Tesla coils, they will experience the fun of scientific experiments and develop an interest in science.
The Tesla coil toy is easy and intuitive to operate, making it suitable for players of all ages. You just need to turn on the power, touch the Tesla coil lightly, and you can see the amazing arc discharge effect. This arc effect is not only beautiful but also arouses people’s curiosity and desire to explore electromagnetic phenomena.
Whether at home, school or in a science lab, the Tesla Coil Toy is an eye-catching teaching tool. It can vividly demonstrate concepts such as electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic wave propagation, and charge discharge, helping students better understand and master these abstract scientific principles.

tesla coil toy

Our toys are also expandable and creative. You can try different experiments and setups, adjust the parameters of the coil and the frequency of the power supply, and observe the changes and behavior of the arc. This hands-on experimentation process will stimulate children’s imagination and problem-solving skills.
We pay attention to the safety and quality of these toys. It adopts non-slip base and insulating material to ensure safety during use. We also provide detailed usage instructions and safety tips to help users operate correctly and get the best experience.

tesla coil toy

Choose our toy, you will enjoy a whole new world of science, entertainment and education. Let children develop scientific thinking and experimental skills through exploration and discovery, and inspire their love and pursuit of science. Not only that, but the Tesla coil toy is also a beautiful decoration, adding a sense of chic and technology to your home or office space.
Don’t wait any longer! Choose our Toy now, meet the challenge of electromagnetic wonders with your family and friends, and enjoy the fun of scientific exploration!

tesla coil toy

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41 reviews for tesla coil toy

  1. Cristina

    Very nice product and funny! It’s quite safe toy, just be cautious of the needle which releases arc, all the others are very safe:)

  2. Kimberley Pritt

    It’s fun. In addition, I personally think that the best playing effect is not square wave music, but classical concertos. The sound of square wave music is mixed with the sound of electricity, making it difficult to distinguish the sound of music, while people with good ears can hear the sound of piano and violin in the excess noise

  3. Norton Amelia

    The logistics is fast, the workmanship is very good, the Bluetooth connection is smooth, and the discharge effect is also very good, which is consistent with the effect of the promotional picture! Praise!

  4. Marjorie Tate

    praise. It doesn’t have an instruction manual. Asked the customer service and answered very carefully. 1.pwr is to adjust the length of lightning. 2.freq is to adjust the lightning frequency. 3. Toggle the switch for music and lightning. When you switch to music, you can play music and lightning at the same time. There will be no music when dialed to Lightning, but you can play Lightning. 4. Why is there no sound when the mobile phone is connected to the Bluetooth of the machine, because the pwr has to be set to the maximum. 5. Why does Lightning disappear after playing for a while? Because you need to use the bulb pin to connect the discharge needle to put down the electricity, you can play again. 6. The needle is not sharp, it is worn bald. But it is still easy to remove when not playing, after all, it is easy to stick. 7. I can’t feel it when I catch the lightning with my hand. If you are afraid, use the light bulb pin to connect lightning. 8. Men and women who are not interested in mathematics and science are not suitable for playing, only for friends who like mathematics and science. Slowly develop new ways to play. Nice.

  5. Jane

    The delivery speed is fast, the real thing looks better than the picture, and the service attitude is very good. Praise 👍

  6. Melissa

    Very good, very fun.

  7. Jonny

    Very good goods, I wish the boss a prosperous business!

  8. Danny

    The toy is good, it is worth having, and it is a very affordable store. I wish the business is booming.

  9. Maggie

    Well packaged package. Very fast delivery and very neat packaging. The logistics company has a good service attitude. The quality and materials correspond to the description. The seller is very kind, sociable and sent fast. Thanks.

  10. Jenny

    The seller’s attitude is very good and patient, and the workmanship is exquisite.

  11. Billy

    Very good, better than the one I bought last year. The color is very bright.

  12. Kevin

    It’s fun, but the sound is too loud, and I’m afraid it will disturb the neighbor. In addition, the power is too high, and the hand still hurts a bit.

  13. Sabina

    Strong power, good effect, worthy of encouragement!

  14. Sarah

    Very good, very solid workmanship, works very well

  15. Audrey Stockton

    It can be used, the discharge size can be adjusted, the frequency can be adjusted, and music can be played via Bluetooth. kids like it. The spring discharge needle is safer.

  16. Sherry Mindiola

    As described, the arc can be touched, but there is no feeling

  17. Paige Shaffer

    The quality is really good, with overheating protection, and the arc is long enough!

  18. Marcin Szlachetka

    Things are beautiful and exquisite.

  19. Lena-Marie Huck

    I have always been fond of strange things. I am very satisfied with the lightning machine I bought this time. It can make some magical and interesting things. The power of electricity is similar to that of the electronic lighter, and it does not hurt or itch. Nice Lightning ⚡️ Maker

  20. Meghan Small

    It’s very beautiful and special. I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend. I think it’s a gift that boys will like.

  21. Lauren Knowles

    It is used for experimentation and demonstration by primary school students. It is powerful and effective. It is worthy of encouragement!

  22. Stephanie Michelle Dotseth

    It’s very fun. My son likes it very much. He uses it every day. The sound of the current is very powerful.

  23. Nicholas Ritzo

    Tesla is so fun that it scared the cats in the house

  24. Luke Smyrski

    After trying it, I feel amazing.

  25. Luke Smyrski

    The things are good, very delicate, they are here to amuse the children, the lightning is very bright at night.

  26. Stephen Pleasant

    Turn on the lightning and make a loud beeping sound. It feels amazing to be able to touch lightning.

  27. Jigisha Prasad

    I have always wanted to play with Tesla coils, and this one has fulfilled a dream. The arc is relatively long, and it is very exciting to match the electronic sound

  28. Maggie Schmitz

    Wow, the workmanship is very good when I first opened it. It’s very delicate. When it generates electricity, I was shocked at first. It’s fun and interesting. It’s also great as a small ornament. I like it.

  29. Laura Rahn

    Everything can be powered, fun

  30. Christelle Demoro

    beautiful lightning

  31. Ben Bierman

    You can feel the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics at home. It’s great that you can also see lightning at home.

  32. Webz Designs

    The students like the teaching experiment very much. The maximum current will make your hands a little hot, but it is not dangerous.

  33. Alexandra Diaz

    This Tesla Coil is amazing! I have always been afraid of electric shocks before, and I would be startled every time I saw lightning, but after using this Tesla coil, I will not! Because it has the effect of lightning, you can feel the shock of lightning, but it will not hurt!

  34. Erik Schreur

    Very shocking effect, other gameplay methods need to be developed

  35. Matt Cresswell

    Music Tesla Coil Have you ever wondered what wonderful effects will be created if the Tesla coil is combined with music? Stark Music Tesla Coil is a super cool scientific experiment toy, it will bring you a new music experience! This Tesla Coil can play dedicated square wave music by switching modes and linking Bluetooth, enjoy Electro and Lightning

  36. Joseph Leljedal

    Great fun, give your hands a massage

  37. Cristian Riaza

    Wrapped with iron wire, it can conduct electricity, so handsome when turned on

  38. Jacqueline

    It’s fun, the effect is good, logistics is fast, good quality and low price, the sound quality is also very good

  39. Rafael

    The store’s goods are of exquisite workmanship and the service is also good. I’d like to give it a good review.

  40. Noemy Euceda

    Children like to play this very much, and the accompanying music is also very interesting to play.

  41. Keala Larson

    The effect of the Tesla coil is very good, the workmanship is fine, the arc is also very powerful, praise, it is worth the price.

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